Canon 5DS and 5DSR which one is more worth buying?

The 5DS/5DSR is an extended version of the 5DIII (or a competitor specifically launched for Nikon cameras of the same class) whose operation, housing, processor, etc. are no different from the 5DIII. The difference: 5DS is a high pixel version of 5DIII (seems to have reached the ordinary medium format pixels) 5DSR is based on … Read more

Spring Sketches

The praise of spring has become a consistent literary trend for poets from ancient times to the present. For photographers, however, how to capture the beauty of spring through the lens constitutes a different aesthetic narrative. Although my place often suffers from dust, there is something pleasing to the eye in this area of several … Read more

Nanjing Zifeng Building

People have an instinctive interest in and urge to create architecture in cities. This is evident in a large number of photographs. In contrast to the idyllic countryside, the modern city is no longer a quiet and serene home, but is always full of challenges, desires and temptations, and adventurers see it as a paradise … Read more

The Republican buildings on North Taiping Road, Nanjing

The Republican buildings on North Taiping Road, Nanjing.For most people, the Republic of China is a not too distant history, but also a period of indefinable sorrow and joy. At that time, there were not only masters like Hu Shi, Lu Xun, Cai Yuanpei, Wang Guowei, Zhang Taiyan, Chen Yinque, but also talented people like … Read more

Rickshaw drivers in the Fuzimiao Scenic Area

The rickshaw driver’s dress and the tricycle are so prominent and unique in this picture. The main reason I didn’t make them a close-up is to convey more background information and show more of the background story. But nevertheless, I let them occupy the position of the main visual center. 16mm; ISO-160;  f/11;  1/125 I … Read more

Cruise boats running on the Qinhuai River

Although this is a close up photo of a cruise ship without much background information, we can still capture some additional information from it to satisfy our visual interest. The ripples on the lake and the water splashes at the stern of the boat indicate that the boat is in motion. The words “Parked in … Read more

Traditional architecture along the Qinhuai River

These two pictures were taken in Nanjing Fuzi Temple Scenic Area. The common theme they present is traditional architecture. 127.5mm; ISO-160;  f/14;  1/125  It didn’t take me much time to take these two pictures, they were done almost in a flash. It was probably because the air was clear after the snow, and the photos … Read more

A mountain village at dusk

The story in the photo takes place in an unknown mountain village in Jiangning, Nanjing. Here surrounded by mountains, rolling, the mountain is not high, there are immortals are famous. Nearby there is an abandoned quarry and some scattered pear orchards. They gave the pear garden a very beautiful name: pear valley. 16mm; ISO-400;  f/18;  … Read more