Bald Mountain at sunset

The place shown in this picture is a bald mountain somewhere in Jiangning, Nanjing, a unique landscape formed after years of quarry mining. The mountain is full of rocks and slag, naturally there is no grass, and it has the feeling of desolation in the desert. 127.5mm; ISO-500;  f/16;  1/125 When I arrived at Bald … Read more

The woman walking to the street corner

If left unnoticed and uncaptioned, this image would quickly be lost in the mass of images that flood social media. I think the highlight of this image is the way the woman is walking. Other than that, it’s not unlike the proliferation of commercial images. 16mm; ISO-400;  f/16;  1/400 I’m not sure I was aware … Read more

The Qinhuai River after the snow, the water and the sky are one color

I know that a good photo is often the result of various coincidences, which of course does not exclude the role of the photographer’s personal qualities. But it is an indisputable fact that a good scene is half the success. Of course, I am not saying that my work is good or successful. Rather, from … Read more

The Beauty of Symmetry: China’s Buildings

The beauty of symmetry and balance is found in most traditional Chinese buildings. Especially for pavilions like this one with carved beams, the symmetry of the structure is emphasized. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for comfort and safety, as a symmetrical structure is more balanced and safer. In a broader sense, … Read more

Chinese Lantern

In my impression, the lanterns are usually oval and mostly red. Cylindrical lanterns like this one are still very rare and come in a variety of colors. There were many similar lanterns in the store selling crafts. I’m not sure if these lanterns are mostly for residential or commercial use, but they do stand out.  … Read more

The mountain road in the canyon

When it comes to these two photos, they were taken purely by chance. Perhaps in my subconscious, the mountain road is a secluded place. And the mountain road in the canyon is even more secluded and wonderful. Shooting parameters: ISO:500; aperture: f/13; exposure time: 1/100; focal length: 127.5mm. In order to take the first picture … Read more

How to use and control the light ratio to achieve the ideal shadow effect?

How to use and control the light ratio to achieve the ideal shadow effect?The light ratio is the ratio of the amount of light in the darkest part of the subject to the amount of light in the brightest part. The size of the light ratio directly affects the tone level and tone level of … Read more

What is the history of the development of the camera?

What is the history of the development of the camera? Loose leaf film camera, also known as landline, vertical camera, and large format camera. The landline is the abbreviation of the landline camera (the same below). The fuselage is mostly a wooden camera, with a seat, mounted on a special tripod. There is a retractable … Read more