Take you into the different Suzhou Shantang Street under the lens

Shantang Street is located in Gusu District, Suzhou. You can take Metro Line 2 from Suzhou Railway Station to Shantang Street Station. There are only two stations, which are very close.       Shantang Street has a history of nearly 1200 years. In the second year of Tang Baoli’s second year (825), Bai Juyi … Read more

Visit Changshu Yanyuan and feel the classical meaning

Yanyuan is located in the old city of Changshu. It used to be a private garden with the surname Zeng in the Qing Dynasty. It was taken over by the government after liberation. Now it has become a tourist attraction open to the outside world. The design and layout of the entire garden basically followed … Read more

Suzhou Jinji Lake

Suzhou, known as the “Venice of the Orient”, has seen a boom in tourism in recent years. This historically rich industrial city benefits from the long-term planning of her decision-makers: the organic integration of tradition and modernity. The place in front of you can best represent the modernization level of the city-she is the cradle … Read more

The egret under the blue sky, the lotus in the water, and the rocks on the shore

    Flying birds under the blue sky   The blue sky is like a holy place in a pure dream. The egret spreads its wings and soars, flying farther.     Lotus   The green lotus leaves are like green jade plates, surrounded by pink lotus flowers. The lotus and the lotus leaf mirror … Read more