The blue sky, white clouds and lake have rich textures just like paintings

The pictures shown in this article are from one of my photography series at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences. The theme of this issue of photography is: landscape (blue sky, white clouds, stone dang, lake, etc.). This article describes the composition of the picture from the perspectives of aesthetics and geology.   The Institute of … Read more

We live in depression, but there are still people looking up at the stars

  I like to walk alone on a quiet road.  Some people say that this is a moment of dialogue with the soul.  When we look up at the stars and God, we can see who we are.     Acorus calamus is a kind of aquatic plant. In my memory, it is the carrier … Read more

The representative of Jiangnan culture: the customs of the Wu-speaking area

“Wu” has more camphor wood. Remarks: The “Wu” land mentioned in this article mainly refers to the Wu dialect areas in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Camphor, also known as Cinnamomum camphora, is a tree with crown leaves and green all seasons. Tongshen has a faint medicinal fragrance, which is an extract of household mothballs.   In … Read more

About some memories and emotions in life, and some experience in photography

    White balance is 2500k, spot metering, and the whole picture presents a blues style. The sky is very pure, even if there are a few white clouds, it does not affect this pure effect. The bushes at the bottom of the picture are almost black, forming a strong contrast with the bright parts. … Read more

The egret under the blue sky, the lotus in the water, and the rocks on the shore

    Flying birds under the blue sky   The blue sky is like a holy place in a pure dream. The egret spreads its wings and soars, flying farther.     Lotus   The green lotus leaves are like green jade plates, surrounded by pink lotus flowers. The lotus and the lotus leaf mirror … Read more