An outing in autumn: mystery, tranquility…

The combination of red and green can indeed create a strong visual effect. In the picture, the background is a piece of green grass, which forms a strong visual contrast with the small red building as the main body. And what surprised me the most was this exquisite and exotic building, really cute.   As … Read more

The blue sky, white clouds and lake have rich textures just like paintings

The pictures shown in this article are from one of my photography series at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences. The theme of this issue of photography is: landscape (blue sky, white clouds, stone dang, lake, etc.). This article describes the composition of the picture from the perspectives of aesthetics and geology.   The Institute of … Read more

Visit Changshu Yanyuan and feel the classical meaning

Yanyuan is located in the old city of Changshu. It used to be a private garden with the surname Zeng in the Qing Dynasty. It was taken over by the government after liberation. Now it has become a tourist attraction open to the outside world. The design and layout of the entire garden basically followed … Read more