A Corner of the Small City: A Poetic Dwelling

As a bird, the egret often appears in Chinese classical poetry. The great poet Du Fu has a poetic description of egrets: two orioles crowing in the green willows, and a line of egrets ascend to the sky. As a poetic image, the egret has continued to this day, becoming a part of the spiritual … Read more

Slow Time in the City

Every day we are so busy, we seem to have gradually lost ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the city. When we tried to find ourselves, we seemed to become very confused and at a loss. In fact, we only need to slow down and listen to the true voice in our hearts, and … Read more

Another Impression of the City

 This is a Chinese restaurant located on Qingduntang Road, Changshu. As a merchant member of Changshu Impression City, this restaurant is located on the ground floor of Impression City and plays an extremely important role. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, there are a lot fewer customers here than usual. Chinese Restaurant   Passing pedestrians Compared … Read more

Visit Changshu Yanyuan and feel the classical meaning

Yanyuan is located in the old city of Changshu. It used to be a private garden with the surname Zeng in the Qing Dynasty. It was taken over by the government after liberation. Now it has become a tourist attraction open to the outside world. The design and layout of the entire garden basically followed … Read more