The Beauty of Symmetry: China’s Buildings

The beauty of symmetry and balance is found in most traditional Chinese buildings. Especially for pavilions like this one with carved beams, the symmetry of the structure is emphasized. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for comfort and safety, as a symmetrical structure is more balanced and safer. In a broader sense, … Read more

Chinese Lantern

In my impression, the lanterns are usually oval and mostly red. Cylindrical lanterns like this one are still very rare and come in a variety of colors. There were many similar lanterns in the store selling crafts. I’m not sure if these lanterns are mostly for residential or commercial use, but they do stand out.  … Read more

One painting and one poem, using classical poetry to interpret modern photography

Photography as a plastic art has a history of more than two hundred years. When classical poetry is combined with modern plastic art, what kind of sparks will it encounter?   THE water overflows in the Hibiscus marsh, and the flowers are flying with peaches and plums. —Xue Daoheng “Xi Xi Salt”      After … Read more