Bald Mountain at sunset

The place shown in this picture is a bald mountain somewhere in Jiangning, Nanjing, a unique landscape formed after years of quarry mining. The mountain is full of rocks and slag, naturally there is no grass, and it has the feeling of desolation in the desert. 127.5mm; ISO-500;  f/16;  1/125 When I arrived at Bald … Read more

Twilight photos

  When dusk comes, the sky is blue. The mountains stood quietly in the distance, like a silent beast, looking at the setting sun. Some details are forgotten, some details are remembered. Those trivial things are like shadows projected on the wall, they regain temperature and color.   The setting sun was sinking, and the … Read more

About some memories and emotions in life, and some experience in photography

    White balance is 2500k, spot metering, and the whole picture presents a blues style. The sky is very pure, even if there are a few white clouds, it does not affect this pure effect. The bushes at the bottom of the picture are almost black, forming a strong contrast with the bright parts. … Read more