Zinnia, Huang Qiuying, onion lotus and other flower language series

The pictures shown in this article are from my photography series at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences. The Institute of Agricultural Sciences is located in the Dayi Management District of Changshu, less than 1 km from Mount Yu.   These flowers are very beautiful! If it weren’t for the relevant information, I really can’t name … Read more

One painting and one poem, using classical poetry to interpret modern photography

Photography as a plastic art has a history of more than two hundred years. When classical poetry is combined with modern plastic art, what kind of sparks will it encounter?   THE water overflows in the Hibiscus marsh, and the flowers are flying with peaches and plums. —Xue Daoheng “Xi Xi Salt”      After … Read more

The egret under the blue sky, the lotus in the water, and the rocks on the shore

    Flying birds under the blue sky   The blue sky is like a holy place in a pure dream. The egret spreads its wings and soars, flying farther.     Lotus   The green lotus leaves are like green jade plates, surrounded by pink lotus flowers. The lotus and the lotus leaf mirror … Read more