Rickshaw drivers in the Fuzimiao Scenic Area

The rickshaw driver’s dress and the tricycle are so prominent and unique in this picture. The main reason I didn’t make them a close-up is to convey more background information and show more of the background story. But nevertheless, I let them occupy the position of the main visual center. 16mm; ISO-160;  f/11;  1/125 I … Read more

Cruise boats running on the Qinhuai River

Although this is a close up photo of a cruise ship without much background information, we can still capture some additional information from it to satisfy our visual interest. The ripples on the lake and the water splashes at the stern of the boat indicate that the boat is in motion. The words “Parked in … Read more

The Qinhuai River after the snow, the water and the sky are one color

I know that a good photo is often the result of various coincidences, which of course does not exclude the role of the photographer’s personal qualities. But it is an indisputable fact that a good scene is half the success. Of course, I am not saying that my work is good or successful. Rather, from … Read more

Chinese Lantern

In my impression, the lanterns are usually oval and mostly red. Cylindrical lanterns like this one are still very rare and come in a variety of colors. There were many similar lanterns in the store selling crafts. I’m not sure if these lanterns are mostly for residential or commercial use, but they do stand out.  … Read more