The blue sky, white clouds and lake have rich textures just like paintings

The pictures shown in this article are from one of my photography series at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences. The theme of this issue of photography is: landscape (blue sky, white clouds, stone dang, lake, etc.). This article describes the composition of the picture from the perspectives of aesthetics and geology.   The Institute of … Read more

Jingxiu Garden List

  Green fruit in the sun Shooting parameters:  Model: Sony Alpha 6000  Focal length: 50mm  White balance: automatic  Aperture: f/8.0  Exposure time: 1/250  ISO: 640 Green fruit Shooting parameters:  Model: Sony Alpha 6000  Focal length: 50mm  White balance: automatic  Aperture: f / 5.6  Exposure time: 1/200  ISO: 500 Lotus leaf Shooting parameters: Model: Sony Alpha … Read more

The egret under the blue sky, the lotus in the water, and the rocks on the shore

    Flying birds under the blue sky   The blue sky is like a holy place in a pure dream. The egret spreads its wings and soars, flying farther.     Lotus   The green lotus leaves are like green jade plates, surrounded by pink lotus flowers. The lotus and the lotus leaf mirror … Read more