Traditional architecture along the Qinhuai River

These two pictures were taken in Nanjing Fuzi Temple Scenic Area. The common theme they present is traditional architecture. 127.5mm; ISO-160;  f/14;  1/125  It didn’t take me much time to take these two pictures, they were done almost in a flash. It was probably because the air was clear after the snow, and the photos … Read more

The Beauty of Symmetry: China’s Buildings

The beauty of symmetry and balance is found in most traditional Chinese buildings. Especially for pavilions like this one with carved beams, the symmetry of the structure is emphasized. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for comfort and safety, as a symmetrical structure is more balanced and safer. In a broader sense, … Read more

Visit Changshu Zengyuan and Zhaoyuan, and their stories

In a late autumn afternoon, I came to Zeng Yuan and Zhao Yuan alone two miles away. I walked along the path of the garden, bypassed the rockery and water pavilion to climb the tall buildings, and couldn’t help feeling a lot. The owners of these two gardens passed away with their cameras more than … Read more

Visit Shanghu Fushui Villa and feel the color and classical meaning of late autumn

Poets always sigh with the variability of the climate and weep over it. They are angels who have fallen into the world, with their sensitivity, kindness and innocence, feeling the joys and sorrows of the world.     The gift of nature makes life full of freedom, but it also gives life a tragic color. … Read more